About the Project


Technology has become the communication tool for the 21st century organizations. An online web presence is a window of activities, engagements and impact inside an organization. Today most non-profits use the web demonstrate impact in local communities. The market has also become competitive in designing state of the art websites. Budget limitations are common with non-profit and charitable organizations. As a result, organizations often compromise on the need for an effective and attractive website.



Those organizations that put a priority on the website can have, see benefits like increased donations, better involvement from members and supporters, increased visibility and awareness for their cause, and improved promotion for organization events. All of these things can make it worth the time, effort, and cost to create an effective and attractive website. Therefore the I-CAN Centre has initiated an I-CAN Web Hackathon to empower 5 non-profit organizations with state of the art websites. The website will also include Social Media Integration and database development.